Why I Can’t Be a Good Steward?

I Have No Talent:
o God has given each of us special gifts that no one else has
o Stewardship provides a way to grow spiritually
o You need to be a good example for your children and grandchildren
O Rather than deny your talent, Jesus asks that we use what he has given us to be
drawn closer to Him

I Will Only Help When Asked:
o With Stewardship comes responsibility and commitment
o We should not wait on an invitation to serve when God has already called us.
o We are called to give freely of ourselves as thanksgiving for all God has given us.

My Life is Too Busy:
o God is never busy for us. 
o God’s time is not proportional to our giving 
o More time spent within the parish brings us closer to Christ
o Our gratitude for the gift of time cannot be fully understood without returning the 
service to others. 
o How sad it is if we become so busy that we lose sight of what God calls us to do and that is to serve others

I Go To Mass Isn’t That Enough?
o Each of us have already been given a personal invitation to share in our faith community with Christ
o Being good stewards require us to attend to everything that God calls us to do.
o Receiving the sacraments is not everything necessary to be a faithful Catholic
o We owe much to those who serve St. Anne, but still need you to be committed and involved in the parish. It doesn’t end with Mass.

I’ve Already Done It All:
o We need to thank God every day for the wonderful gifts He has given us
o We are to handle them graciously by returning the favor given to us.
o At different stages of life we are given the opportunity to serve in many new ways calling on new and undiscovered gifts.
o For all that has been accomplished in this parish and for all that is yet to come we need everyone to join us in unity and prayer.
o Come share in the JOY of the LORD!