Cemetery Committee

Consults with the Pastor and Parish Council when a need arises for the maintenance and repair of the cemetery grounds, fencing, and buildings. Also responsible for emp- tying trash receptacles, and disposing of loose debris on grounds.

God’s Housekeepers

Volunteer to clean the church weekly for one month out of the year. As a team you will share the responsibilities such as, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, picking up trash, or- ganizing missals and placing visiting envelopes in pews.

Decorating Committee

This committee decorates the church for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other liturgical seasons. They are also responsible for decorating the hall for First Communion and Confirmation as well as other special occasions.

Garden Angels

This ministry takes care of our wonderful flowerbeds in the front of the church and rectory spring and fall. Volunteers are needed to water, weed, and replant and contribute new ideas for planting.

Building Committee

Consults with the Pastor, outside sources and various committees when implementation is needed for maintenance and building project needs.