Prayer for the Sick/Prayer Warriors

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and promote prayer within the church by being open to the power of the Holy Spirit. We offer our prayers for God’s love, guidance and healing power for His people. Part of this ministry includes an invitation for homebound parishioners to pray for the sick of our parish.


Karen Babineaux             Tom Gerard                    Hilda Randall

Rhonda Balamonte         Faye Gossen                   Mackie Reaux

Laura Baudoin                      Gary R. Guidry                Kamryn Robertson

James Benoit                   Charissa Guillory            Doris C. Robichaux

                                             O.C. Guilliiot, Jr.

Joel Boudreaux                   Johnny Harrington         Lester Robicheaux

Joseph Boudreaux               J. Whiless Hebert               Betty Romero

Ethel Bouillion                  Minos Hebert                  Jacob Romero

Meghan Briley                  Barbara Holly                 Joseph E. Romero

Adley Broussard, Jr.        Al Howard                          Robert Savoy

Grace Boudreaux                 Kathy Thibodeaux         Jude Scelfo

Marie Amelie Burke                      Hulin                    Andry Schmitz

Ray Comeaux                    Nancy Hulin                    Special Intentions

Wallace Comeaux             Pris Hulin                        Celeste St. Julien

MargaretCormier             Sam Kennedy                 Lucy St. Julien

Rufus Darby                       Fern Krieg                        Fr. Paul Thibodeaux

Verna Darby                           

Wesley David                        Carolyn Landry               Shane Thibodeaux

Gayle Devillier                   Curtis Landry, Sr.           Della Trahan

Lillian Dore                            John Landry                     Harold Trahan

Christy Doucet                  Mary Landry                   Jesse Vallot

Mary Doucet                      Fr. Ralph Landry                Marshall Vass

John Douglas                        Kathy Langlinais            Judy Viator

Marie Douglas                       Kent Langlinaus              Linda Viator

Weldon Dufrene                    Doc Lanier                          Richard Viator

D. J. Duhon                           Beverly Lasseigne         Corey Vincent

Don Duhon                             Fr. Donald Leger              

Barry Dupuis                      Patsy Louviere              Roger Vincent

Wayne Dupuis                   Patrick Matte                 _________________

Robert Egan                       Gladys Maturin                  *Names in bold are

Gilbert Faulk                      Bryne Maynard                  cancer patients

Diane Fields                       Whitney A. Meyers        _________________

Theresa Foreman            Murray Mitchell

Nell Fox                               Miya Norse                     All names will remain on for

Kerry Fromenthal                  Isabelle Ochsner          one (1) month, unless

Mark Garneau                   David Ortego                    notified otherwise.

                                              William Paray

Dewey Gauthier                    Kyle Quebedeaux